"Spoken words fly away, written words stay"

Because what you say is important, it is important to keep track of it

Our Mission

Noota is a French start-up that puts artificial intelligence at the service of communication and sharing.

Alexandre Duffaut and Darius Al Naddaf, the two founders of Noota, became aware of how much information are lost, forgotten and not shared during our daily conversations.

Our memory does not allow us to record every details that our modern society subjects us to.

Noota helps to remember, search and summarize our everyday conversations, enhancing our exchanges, making us gain in productivity as simply as possible.

Thanks to a team of passionate people in constant search of innovation Noota brings unique game changer solution in everyday life.

Alexandre Duffaut
CEO - CoFounder

Olivier Ratenon

AI Engineer (R&D)

Darius Al Naddaf
CTO - CoFounder

Orane Chaper
Full Stack Developper

Amandine Fatoux
Community Manager

The Noota Family

Because we are a team of passionate people working hard to create new way to make our daily life easier by improving :

  • Automatic transcription

  • Video subtitle generation

  • Automatic minutes of meetings



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