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Noota Process
Retranscription audio

Convert your digital content to text

  • It takes 4 hour to manually transcribe 1 hour of audio... we do it in 20 minutes.

  • An improved punctuation for questions and exclamations.

  • Our AI provides fast and accurate transcription and exports in many formats.
Compte-rendu sur mesure automatique

Summary and automatic report

  • We automaticallyu summarize your conversations.

  • Set up a list of keywords to recognize and we'll highlight them.

  • Generate report templates through question lists and our AI completes them automatically.
Enregistrement vocal

Genrate subtitles within minutes

  • Videos with subtitles get more views, so don't miss the opportunity.

  • We include time stamps so we can integrate subtitles easily.

  • Your transcribed content can be exported in .vtt, .srt .slt. and txt., .pdf and more.
Connection aux outils visioconférence

Connected to your tools

  • Forget about long installation plugins! Noota joins you as a guest of your Skype, Zoom, Google Meeting videoconferences... to record them automatically !

  • Noota also connects to your CRM tracking tools : send your mission summaries on your favorite platforms and calendars.
Noota, a concentrate of technologies/h5>

Spare time, save money and focus on knowledge.

Security and privacy

In agreement with the RGPD, we use the best technologies to encrypt, secure and privatize your data.

AI and Machine Learning

Our powerful Artificial Intelligence algorithms are at the cutting edge of NLP & NLU language analysis speech recognition technology. Our IAs are in constant evolution and are constantly learning.

Service and support

We support you in integrating Noota into your communication tools and our Customer Service is available to ensure the best experience.

Main features

Imagine never having to take notes on calls or meetings again. Noota is an assistant that joins your meetings and takes notes for you. It records the audio and turns it into brief notes and a full transcript.

Summarised content

Several hour of content summarized in few key points.

Subtitling your videos

A tool to generate subtitles and integrate them into your videos including the timestamp.

Identification of speaker

A new paragraph at each change of interlocutor. Add their names with a simple click.

Instant search

Find the information you're looking for through hours of conversation with our tools.

Create your report templates

Set up the template with the desired information, we find it.

Keyword detection

List of customizable keywords for a more relevant transcription according to sectors.

Automatic transcription

Our AI transcribes your files within minutes with a minimal error rate.

Adaptative AI

The more you use Noota, the more the software will adapt to the way you speak.

Tag while recording

List of keywords to tag to remember the context of the discussion.

Automatic contact detection

Last name, first name, email... all this information is detected automatically.

Integrate to your tools

Extract your conversations from all your audio and video communications Zoom, Skype, Google meeting...

Many format to export

Export your transcription to the following format .txt, .doc, .pdf and subtitles .vtt, .srt .slt.

How it works ?

An online platform to get the most out of your interviews and meetings.

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Try Noota

Register, select your plan from 30min free per months.

Noota integration
Upload your files

Upload your audio and video files or record your conversations from Noota.

Use Noota
Start the transcription

Your transcription is usually available under 20 minutes. Then you can edit the transcript as much as you want.

Share Noota
Share, Summurize, Report

Once your file transcribed, you can share or generate automatic summary, subtitle and even more...

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Noota is a member of the Founders’ Program de Station F, The World’s Biggest Startups Campus

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