Unlock Sales Superpower with Noota

AI-driven software to unlock your voice interactions.


AI Meeting Assistant

Make all your teammates top performers and automate time-consuming tasks.

Increase the performance of your reps by 36%

Unlock the full potential of every customer interaction and boost revenue.

Onboard your sales people 60% faster

Help your teammates handle objections and questions in real time.

Save 60 min per day with CRM automation

Automate time draining tasks and focus on what truly matters.

Built-In Screen Recorder.

Capture your meetings with our screen-recording extension.

Open your online meeting platform (Zoom, Teams, Meets ...) on a Chrome Tab.
Easily record and transcribe it straight from your browser.

High-quality audio & video recorder

Works with any online meeting platform

No bot joins the meeting

Smart search & sentiment filters

Automatic Note taking.

Outstanding transcribing quality

Noota has been benchmarked among the best core transcription services on the market with more than 92% of accuracy rate.

Our transcription system has been developed with 65000h of analyzed data and designed specifically for conversations & meetings.

It is available on more than 80+ languages and dialects.

Real time transcription in 80 languages

Live speaker identification

Highlight important moment in real time

Add screenshots to your transcription

AI Powered Guidance & Coaching.

Enhance every conversation with your personnal AI Assistant

Noota AI Meeting Assistant is like having someone whispering you the right answers on an exam.

It is like having an invisible cheat-sheet with everything you need to keep in mind.

It is like a secret superpower that you can share with your team.

Customizable guidelines to ask the right questions

Manage any objection in real time

Encourage positive change

Turn your calls into Business Intelligence.

Quick in-depth analysis of any conversation

Noota allows you to visualize and track your calls with KPI-oriented features such as sentiment ratio, response analysis and talk-to-listen quotient.

Those metrics help you to assess the quality of your team's calls over time.

KPI : listen/speak ratio, hesitations, number of questions...

Discover the place of every topic in a meeting

Extracts of the best and the worst moments.

Sentiment analysis of the entire conversation

Automatic Meeting Summary.

Don't waste your time on CRM management.

Noota fills out your deal/opportunity page automatically after each call.

Noota's first class AI technology generates bullet points from your meeting and automatically sends them to your CRM:

Answers to the selected Guidelines.

Detected objections.

Key numbers, names and emails

And your personalized needs !


Noota for Sales Team

Make onboarding easy

Noota is a powerful tool for data analysis, team management and strategic decision making.

Applicable insights, subject tracker and automatically generated minutes (and much more) for you to successfully manage your calls.  

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