Meeting Screen Recorder

Keep a record of all of your customer interactions.

Focus on your meeting

Make every interaction with your customer count

Record everywhere

Noota screen recorder supports all your favorite apps : Teams, Meet, Zoom, Ringover, Webex...

Set it up fast

You can launch Noota Screen Recorder in one simple click.

Built-in Screen Recorder.

Record voice & video and never miss a thing.

Open your online meeting platform (Zoom, Teams, Meets ...) on a Chrome Tab and capture your meeting straight from your browser without further distraction.

First class audio & video recorder

Works with any online meeting tool

No bot joins the meeting

Smart search & sentiment filters

Automatic Note taking.

Focus on your meeting, Noota will note.

Noota has been benchmarked among the best core transcription in the market with more than 92% of accuracy on calls and meetings.

Our transcription system is trained over 65000h of data specifically for conversations & meetings for more than 80+ languages and accents.

Real time transcription in 80 languages

Live speaker identification

Highlight important moment button

Add screenshots of any part of your screen to your note

Live Sentiment Analysis.

Measure the feeling in real time.

Our AI will help you understand the feeling of the person you talk to.
This will help teams to better react and improve customer satisfaction.

Get 9 different emotions in real time

Understand and improve interactions

AI-Powered Guidelines & Coaching.

More than a screen recorder, a live assistant.

Imagine having someone whispering answers in your ears during an exam.

That's basically how Noota works. It helps sales reps to :

Ask all pre-defined questions

Answer each objection

Improve customer interactions

Highlight & Capture Screenshots.

Make sure you never miss key information.

During a call some moments matters more than others. Click on highlight button to rewatch them back.

Take screenshots of your browser tab during a call, and add them to your transcript.

Highlight important moments

Screenshot any tab during the meeting

Noota connects


Connect all your data

Capture data from a wide range of call and meeting platforms.

Connect your favorites follow-up tools to send summaries to.


What People Say

With Noota I don't have to fill in my CRM anymore.
It does it automatically and saves me 4h each week.

Sam Davidson | Account Executive

Before I had to watch back 2 hours of calls per week. Now it takes me 15min and I review a week of calls.

Alex Flink | Sales Director

In our company we believe that aligning teams makes us better in many ways. Noota is how we do it !

Andy Bush | Sales manager

Noota is just amazing ! I managed to increase sales revenue within 40 days !

Maged Mohamed | PO Surfe

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