Make all your teammates top performers

Voice is everywhere. We work to turn it into business intelligence.


Noota for Sales Team

Make onboarding effortless

Noota is a powerful tool for data analysis, team management and strategic decision making.

Applicable insights, subject tracker and automated minutes (and much more) for you to successfully manage your calls.  

Increase your revenue by 36% per rep

Unlock the full potential of every customer interaction and boost performance.

Onboard your sales reps
60% faster

Help your teammates manage  objections and questions in real time.

Save 60 min per with CRM automation

Automate time-consuming tasks and focus on what really matters.


Noota for Media

Create stories faster than ever

In the past 5 years, time allocated to reporting stories has been cut by half.

Use AI to help record, transcribe & analyze interviews, extract key elements and get all you need to create a good article, blog or podcast.

Anywhere anytime

In-site with Noota app or online with Noota Extension, never miss an opportunity

Work smarter

In one simple click, get high quality transcriptions and subtitles

Save your precious time

Automate time draining tasks and boost your efficiency

call center

Noota for Call Center Team

User Experience Research made easy

Follow the guidelines and never miss a detail.

Get a clear view of your customers' reality with our AI-powered analysis and insights.

Grow your revenue

Increase sales quota attainment and sales rep performance with no additional staffing cost.

Improve customer satisfaction

Improve your customer interactions with real-time feedbacks.

Boost performance

Identify and replicate the best practices and make all your teammates top performers

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