Leverage the power of voice-to-CRM

Turn your voice conversations into usable CRM data.

Focus on human connections

Noota takes care of note-taking and CRM integration.

Keep your team updated about existing deals

Generate notes from all your customer meetings.

Reduce your time spent on CRM

Integrate your customer data in one click.

Meeting Voice Recorder

Keep a record of your customer conversations

Noota enables you to track everything that is said in sales video calls and meetings.

Record your voice and video

Highlight key moments

Track the real-time transcription

Auto Meeting Minutes

Turn your transcript into readable data

With Noota, you can sum up your call transcription and generate predefined meeting minutes. So that everyone know where your deals are up to.

Define subject trackers and guidelines

Use the automatic transcription for your meeting

Get a summary per subject

From Voice to CRM

Fill up your CRM fields automatically

Noota integrates your meeting notes into your CRM and make sure it is always up-to-date.

Guidelines' completion rate

Customer sentiment and talk-to-listen ratio

Objection handling analytics

Noota connects


Connect Noota with your favorite sales tools

Capture data from many call and meeting platforms.

Connect your favorites follow up tools to send summaries to.


What People Say

With Noota I don't have to fill in my CRM anymore.
It does it automatically and saves me 4h each week.

Sam Davidson | Account Executive

I had to listen to 2 hours of calls per week. Now in no more than 15 min I can review a week of calls.

Alex Flink | Sales Director

The live coaching allow me to replicate any good stuff my team is saying. In only a few minutes.

Antoine Pernet| Microdoing

Noota will tell you what to say when you face a price objection for instance, and that's mind-blowing.

Soufiane Lakhfif| CEO Utelys

In our company we believe that aligning teams makes us better in many ways. Noota is how we do it !

Andy Bush | Sales manager

Noota is just amazing ! I managed to increase sales revenue within 40 days !

Maged Mohamed| PM Surfe

In the past, It took us several days to transcribe our calls. Now with the Noota transcription it is done within minutes and high accuracy.

Margaret Roth | Head of Call center

Onboarding is fully automated now. Before it took us 6h a week, now they have Noota all set to go 🤩

Emily Mars| Sales director

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