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Does this sound familiar ?

Maged Mohamed

That's what we do.


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Noota Chrome Extension


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Noota Overview Page


What really change ?

Without Noota

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Find mistakes when it is already too late
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Lose deals because of lack of coaching
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No way to put your insights into practice
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Spend hours to analyze calls
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Waste 5 hours a week on CRM management

With Noota

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Preventing mistakes before they happen
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Identify and replicate best practices
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Learning by doing
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Unlock hidden knowledge of conversations
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Voice to CRM make your CRM always up- to-date


Making your Ideas a Reality

Sapiens is your Creative Agency Webflow template we can build anything your dream.


Which languages are supported ?

More than 80 languages and dialects are available for transcription.
Noota also allows you to translate your files in 30+ languages.

How secure is Noota ?

Noota's highest priority are security & privacy of our users' data. Every piece of information is double encrypted.
Noota is GDPR and SOC II compliant.

What are monthly credits ?

One credit can be used to transcribe or translate 1 min of content. If your video or audio file is 2 hours, it will use 120 credits of transcription.

Is there any discount ?

Discounts are available for teams of more than 20 people and students.

Which meeting can I record ?

Any online meeting platform like Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx and many more ! Using Chrome Extension make sure to open your app within the browser and launch the extension on the same tab.

Free Noota Extension

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