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Gain Time: Meeting Assistants for Managers.

Automatically records meeting & generate accurate summaries of job interview, internal team meeting and customer meetings.

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Script of calls
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Does this sound familiar ?

Time-sucking Meetings

Meetings consume valuable time, leaving managers feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Silent Meeting Rooms

Misunderstandings and lack of engagement leave managers struggling to communicate effectively with their team.

Drowning in Reports

Too much data leads to decision paralysis and a time-consuming process for managers to extract meaningful insights.

Pre-made Meeting Template

Team Meeting

Get a summary of what people have done and will do.

Customer Meeting

Is the person you are talking to your future buyer ?

Job interview

Move forward on project with checkpoint meetings and reporting.

Check what's its made of

Customer Discovery Guide

Chit Chat & Introduction
Briefly, tell me about your company and your role
Share your company's history and core values?
Goals and objectives for this meeting?
Top priorities for addressing these challenges?
How our solutions fit with your business needs?
Competitive Landscape
Competitive Landscape
What would be the next steps in the process?

Customer Meeting Summary

Key Information
Small Talk & Chitchat
Customer suggestion
Challenges & Customer Pain
Action item
Next Meeting
Meeting efficiency as doubled with guidelines tracker. I stop loosing time on topics not in agenda. Plus the report save me so much time.
Heidi Marinier- CEO InterFast


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Start recording all online video meeting & in-person.

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Follow agenda of your meeting.

Get disciplined meeting, keep it structured and efficient.


Automatically keep track of meeting.

Send full meeting notes in one click.



What really change ?

Without Noota

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Find mistakes when it is already too late
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Lack of structure in meeting
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No time to do any reporting

With Noota

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Preventing mistakes before they happen
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Follow guidelines
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Automate the reporting of every conversation

Noota connects

Integrates with your favorite apps.

From meeting to data.



Making your Ideas a Reality

Sapiens is your Creative Agency Webflow template we can build anything your dream.

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Built with Security

HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant.

Double encryption.
HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant
SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications in progress