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Automate Medical Consultation Reporting.

Focus on your patient, Noota will take note and identify complaints, symptoms, medical & social history, allergies, assessment and much more.

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Dictation transcription
Auto consultation report

Does this sound familiar ?

Overwhelmed by Paperwork

The burden in Medical professionals spending more than 40% of their time in administrative tasks.

Trapped by Interoperability

The frustration of inaccessible patient data for doctors.

Drowning in Regulations

The Struggle of Doctors to Stay Compliant and Focused on Patients

Pre-made Medical Consultation Template

Dictate your notes

Talk and Noota will transform it into first class notes.

Medical report

Use pre-made medical consultation template with the following elements.

Custom report

Are you a specialist ? Create a custom report based on what you need.

Patient Consultation Summary

Complaint Symptoms
Medical & Personal History
Lab results
Medical Assessment
Next Consultation
This dictation tool is a lifeline for our patients. It saves time and ensures precision in our reports, giving our doctors the power to provide the best care possible.
Jean Louis Vildé - Director of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department


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Built with Security

HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant.

Double encryption.
HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant
SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications in progress