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Record, Transcribe & Analyze Interviews

Get the insights and report faster, focus on what's really matter and automate fastidious work.

Sentiment & Topic
Accurate transcription

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You Forget Crucial Details

Keep your database clean and up-to-date is a important administrative work that can take a lot of time. Time where you are not selling.

Spend 1 hr on Filling up CRM/ATS

Noota streamlines CRM/ATS automation, saving hours by automatically logging information from meetings.

Struggle with Client Info and Responses

Real-time Coaching and Guidance handles objections during meetings, ensuring that you always have the right info and responses.

Pre-made Research Interview Template

Research Interview

Compare easily, feeling of different interviewee and get insights fast

User Interview

Understand how user feels for each key features

Focus group

Ask questions and get a custom summary of each participant feeling

Check what's its made of

Research Interveiw

Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?
How do you personally define the [TOPIC] or issue that we are researching?
What experiences shaped you on this [TOPIC]?
Share any anecdotes that shows [TOPIC] or issue?
You see this [TOPIC] or issue impacting individuals or communities?
Can you describe any policies, programs, or initiatives that address [TOPIC], and discuss their strengths and weaknesses?
What are the most pressing gaps in knowledge related to [TOPIC]?
How do you believe [TOPIC] could be used to inform decision-making or policy at the local, national, or global level?

Research Interview Summary

Basic Demographic Information
AI Question Answering
Soft Skills
Relevants Quotes
Challenges & Limitations
Recommendation for future research
Noota has become a must have tool in our research program as it is used by entire team now.
Thierry Bomtens - UMR Pacte CRNS


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