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Transform consulting knowledge.

Say goodbye to meeting chaos and reporting woes. Noota brings efficiency, insights, and clarity to your consulting efforts

Live coaching assistant
Auto Summary

Does this sound familiar ?

Not a minute for reporting

Keep your database clean and up to date is a important administrative work that can take a lot of time. Time where you are not selling.

Lack of strucutre in meeting

Take notes and switching between knowledge base and customer is really disturbing.

Forgot important information

Details matter. Specially in sales where few details can change a lost in a win.

Pre-made Consulting Template

Team meeting

Maximize your chance to get a meeting from first call

Sales discovery

Is the person you are talking to your future buyer ?

Job Interview

Create best interview guide and get the summary of candidate's answers

Check what's its made of

Team meeting Guide

Introduction & Chitchat
Let's discuss about previous team meeting updates
Can you update on your progress with [ITEM]?
Is there anything you would like to bring up for discussion or any feedback you have?
Can you share any upcoming tasks or deadlines you have?
So, let's just summarize keypoints
Can each share action item for the week ?
We can plan next meeting on [DUE DATE]
Unfilled Star

Team Meeting Summary

Date, Time, Attendees
Short Conversation Summary
Summary per Topic
Blocking Points
Actions Completed
To be Done
I beleive knowledge of the company can be way better used with the real time solution of Noota. We use it mainly for recruiting but we are starting exploring many other possibilities !
Aurélien Bartoli - Directeur Sopra Steria


Start Noota today !


Capture all your meetings.

Never miss any crutial information again.

Noota Chrome Extension


Use virtual assistant in real time.

Select type of meeting and you'll get all the knowledge you need. In time.


Virtual Coaching.

We help professionals become better in meeting.

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Integration Features


Noota fills out CRM & ATR automatically.

Don't waste time on manual tasks.


What really change ?

Without Noota

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Learning is made after mistake is done
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Training is a one time stand.
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Ressource to track candidates are limited
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All manual data entry take time
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Hard to standardize reporrinf in company

With Noota

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Preventing mistakes before they happen
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Learn by doing
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Unlock hidden knowledge of conversation
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Automatic ART & CRM update after interview
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Learning by doing

Noota connects

Integrates with your favorite apps.

From meeting to data.



Making your Ideas a Reality

Sapiens is your Creative Agency Webflow template we can build anything your dream.

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