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Create stories right after interview.

Record interviews and turn them straight into stories.

Generate stories from recordings
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Interview transcription
AI Story maker

Does this sound familiar ?

Hard to capture all interview

Keep your database clean and up to date is a important administrative work that can take a lot of time. Time where you are not selling.

Spend hours recording

Take notes and switching between knowledge base and customer is really disturbing.

Forgot important information

Maintaining accuracy can be a challenge, potentially leading to miscommunication and misunderstandings

Pre-made Interview Template

Journalist Interview

Maximize your chance to get a meeting from first call


Is the person you are talking to your future buyer ?


Don't forget to make chekpoint and ask the right questions to move forward to the sale

Check what's its made of

Journalist Interview Guide

Tell me a bit about yourself and your background?
How did you become interested in [TOPIC]?
Can you describe the current state of [TOPIC]?
How can they be overcome challenges of [TOPIC]?
How do you see [TOPIC] evolving or changing in the future, and what do you think are the implications of these changes?
What lessons can be learned from their experiences?

Media & Podcast Interview Summary

Main Topic & Sub Topics
AI Question Answering
Keypoints & Insights
Relevant Quotes
Relevant Keywords
Link & Usefoul Ressources
I use to spend hours transcribing my interview. Now Noota does it in 5 minutes, and pre generate a nice article. It saves me hours every day.
Fabien Binacchi- 20 minutes.fr


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Mobile App to Capture Interviews.

As a Story maker you need to record  interview everywhere.

Noota Chrome Extension


First class transcription of your interview

First class speech-to-text into 80 languages with 96% accuracy.


Use your interview guide.

Prepare your questions, follow them in real time.

Noota Chrome Extension


Create stories faster.

Our AI pre-make your stories based on interview question guide.



Making your Ideas a Reality

Sapiens is your Creative Agency Webflow template we can build anything your dream.

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