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Sales People

Record Client Meetings, Get AI Reports on Potential Leads, and Secure Deals with AI Magic—all while Noota updates your CRM in seconds.

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Auto Summary

Does This Sound Familiar?

You Forget Crucial Details

Keep your database clean and up-to-date is a important administrative work that can take a lot of time. Time where you are not selling.

Spend 1 hr on Filling up CRM/ATS

Noota streamlines CRM/ATS automation, saving hours by automatically logging information from meetings.

Struggle with Client Info and Responses

Real-time Coaching and Guidance handles objections during meetings, ensuring that you always have the right info and responses.

Pre-made Sales Template

Cold call Script

Maximize your chance to get a meeting from first call

Sales discovery

Is the person you are talking to your future buyer ?

Sales deal follow-up

Don't forget to make chekpoint and ask the right questions to move forward to the sale

Check what's its made of

Sales Discovery Guide

Chit Chat & Introduction
Briefly, tell me about your company and your role
Share your company's history and core values?
Goals and objectives for this meeting?
Top priorities for addressing these challenges?
How our solutions fit with your business needs?
Competitive Landscape
Competitive Landscape
What would be the next steps in the process?

Sales Discovery Guide

Key elements from meeting
Small talk
Customer Suggestions
Customer Needs & Challenges
Customer Competitors
Action Items
Next Steps
When a deal can be lost for missing one question, Noota is a must have that guide me and my team and drive best results during calls.
Antoine Pernet - CEO Microdoing


Unlock Insights, Foster Collaboration and CLOSE DEALS!


Capture Meetings in One Click

Record Teams, Meets, Zoom and much more. No bots joining.

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Onboard Sales Talents Faster.

Real-time answer & objection suggestion.

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Duplicate Best Wining Behaviours

Understand how customers reacts to your presentation through data.

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Integration Features


Meeting Summary sent to your CRM

Don't waste time on manual tasks.

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How Noota AI Assistant Aid Your Meetings

Without Noota

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Waste Crucial Details
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Lose Focus due to Multi-tasking
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Spending hours on CRM/ATS management
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Failed Recruitment Decisions
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Failing to Close Deals

With Noota

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Capture Every Meeting Detail with Noota
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Focus with Simplified Meeting Approach
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Automatic Voice to CRM Feature Saves Time
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Better Hiring with AI Reports on Candidates
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Boost Deals Closure Rate by 22%

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Integrates with your favorite apps.

From meeting to data.

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Built with Security

HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant.

Double encryption.
HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant
SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications in progress

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