Boost Contact Center performance in 2 weeks

A set of tool to extract hidden conversation insights

Generate 36% more revenue generated per agent

Make the most of every customer interaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve NPS/CSAT scores with faster, more effective service

Boost productivity and reduce turnover

Give your sales talents the tools to perfect their approach.

Boost agent performance.

Make your new reps speak like best performers

By analyzing each interaction, managers can provide real-time coaching that improves the performance of call center representatives.

Visualize performance score

Get every interaction transcribed and summarized

Capture the insights that matters

Improve customer experience.

Saying the right thing at the right moment

Real-time suggestions and guidance on the best actions that can improve customer outcomes and experiences.

Live coaching that makes every action better

Pre-defined script guidelines

Live sentiment analysis

Improve profit margins.

Voice intelligence for business intelligence

Conversation intelligence enables outbound call centers to meet business goals without increasing staffing costs.

Track and improve closing likelihood

Predict time-to-close for every account

Implement better conversion practices

A virtual Coach.

Speed up agent onboarding and management

Perform root cause voice analysis to understand what makes agents successful and drive behavior across departments.

Create a virtual coach and duplicate your knowledge to every interaction

Identify agents' strength and weaknesses

Improve sales pitch of your team with measurable insights

Ensure compliance.

Make sure your reps use the right words

Monitor interactions to ensure agents are following call center policy and industry regulations.

Define pitch and question guidelines

Score for action & script follow up

Iterate and improve

Noota connects


Connect your data

Capture data from a wide range of call and meeting platforms.

Connect your favorites follow up tools to send summaries to.