Boost revenue with Sales intelligence

A set of tool to extract hidden conversation insights

Generate 36% more revenue generated per rep

Make the most of every customer interaction

Predict future revenue

Determine the odds of closing existing deals, and assess customer interest.

Reduce management time by 70%

Give your sales talents the tools to perfect their approach.

Understand Customers Feelings.

Use data to determine the likelihood of closing future deals.

Noota provides a behavioral analysis and visual representation of your meetings. Visualize your customer's sentiment score to know where your conversation is going.

Assess customer sentiment on specific topics

Make time-to-close prediction

Adjust your sales pitch from these insights

Extract Key Insights.

High value moments are hard to find.

Don't get lost in an hour-long meeting, trying to find relevant information.

Noota cross multiple data to help you find the moments that really matter.

Extract best practices from your calls

Detect moments of frictions

Download and share those moments in one click

Automated Question Detection.

Questions are at the heart of sales persuasion

By tracking how and when questions are asked from both speakers, you can better analyze your sales conversations.

Benefit from automatic question detection

Easily review each of your customer's answer

Sales Notes Generator.

A quick overview of every discussed topics

Noota will report every bit of your conversation and extract key insights from it.

Let Noota auto-detect topics of discussion

Add customized topics you want to track

Know when people talk about what, and get a readable summary

Sales management made easy.

See how your reps are performing

Noota automatically generates a post-call summary so that anyone can understand what happened.

Noota will help you evaluate your in-call salespeople's approach in the blink of an eye.

Get KPI and measurable data to understand the quality of a call

A sentiment overview to overview key moments

Increase accuracy of deal prediction

Noota connects


Connect your data

Capture data from a wide range of call and meeting platforms.

Connect your favorites follow up tools to send summaries to.