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Turn on the integration in one click

Go to Noota's Integration interface and authorize access to your Teamtailor account.

Define your custom summary structure if you haven't already done so, to keep only the important details of your interview.

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Record the interview with Noota

Use the Noota bot or Noot-Ex extension to record your recruitment interviews on any type of meeting platform.

Use our built-in recorder to capture face-to-face interviews.

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Export your candidate data in Teamtailor

When the meeting is over, Noota automatically transcribes and summarizes your interview.

It identifies the candidate profile and then automatically exports the interview summary as a note to Teamtailor.

Noota can also fill in individual candidate fields (technical skills, salary expectations, etc.).

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer all your questions and concerns.
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Is my meeting data secured?
The data protection policy at Noota complies with RGPD and is SOC-2 certified. Each of your data is subject to double encryption. They are also all hosted in France. So your data is in safe hands.
Can I record my meetings over the phone or in person?
Yes, Noota includes a built-in recorder to capture sound from your computer, and soon from your phone.
What's included in the subscription plans?
They contain credits that can be used to transcribe or translate 1 minute of content. If your video or audio file is 2 hours long, it will use 120 transcription credits.

They also give you access to exclusive features depending on your subscription level.
Are there any discounts applicable?
Discounts apply for teams of more than 20 people.
Which videoconferencing platforms are supported ?
Any videoconferencing platform such as Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx and many more!

Using the Chrome extension, make sure you open your application in the browser and launch the extension on the same tab.
How do automatic meeting minutes work?
Noota uses speech recognition technology to convert voice into text.

It also relies on the latest generative AI models to synthesize these texts based on a custom structure.
How do I notify participants that they are being recorded?
With NootEx (Chrome extension), Noota does not notify participants that you are recording the meeting. However, we recommend that you inform them.

With NooBot (Bot assistant), participants can see your Noota assistant and are directly informed by a chat message.
How long does the free trial last?
With the free trial, you benefit from a 14-day trial of the Pro plan.
What is the custom summary and what’s it for?
The custom summary is a template that enables you to structure your meeting minute. You can create as many custom summaries as you like!
Can I transcribe an audio or video file I've already recorded?
Yes, you can transcribe a document that has already been recorded. Simply upload it to the Noota interface.
How does the recording work, with or without a bot?
You can record in two ways: using the Noota extension or by connecting your calendar.

In the first case, you can directly activate recording as soon as you join a videoconference.

In the second case, you can add a bot to your videoconference, which will record everything.
Can I transcribe and translate into another language?
Over 80 languages and dialects are available for transcription.

Noota also enables you to translate your files into over 30 languages.
Is the data integration  into my ATS secure?
Yes, your interview data is transmitted securely to your ATS.
How does conversational intelligence work?
Conversational intelligence is based on NLP analysis of the words and intonation used by each participant to identify emotions and behavioral insights.
Why is it important to conduct structured interviews?
Numerous studies have proven the accuracy, efficiency and objectivity of structured interviews. By asking each candidate the same questions in the same way, you streamline your interview process and reduce the influence of cognitive bias.
Why should I generate an interview report ?
An interview report helps pooling standardized information on your candidates, sharing it with all stakeholders and objectifying your assessment. Clear, structured data enables you to make more informed recruitment decisions.
How are job ads generated?
Our job ads generator leverage the latest LLMs to turn the data from your meeting or brief into an eye-catching and easy-to-read job description.
Do I have to change the way I conduct interviews?
No, Noota is just an assistant to your work. You can continue to conduct interviews as you do today. To improve the accuracy of the report, you should customize the interview templates based on your existing list of questions.
Can I remove my data from Noota?
Yes, just use the delete function on our interface and within 24 hours we'll have deleted this data from our database.
Can I record my meetings over the phone or in person?
Yes, Noota includes a built-in recorder to capture sound from your computer, and soon from your phone.
Do the candidates have access to the AI notes?
No, you manage the accessibility of the data you record. If you want to share it with them as feedback, you can. Otherwise, it won't be accessible to them.
Does Noota evaluate candidates?
No, Noota records, transcribes and summarizes your interviews. It helps you make informed decisions with clear information about the candidate. But it's not a substitute for your own judgment and assessment skills.

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