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Contact Center Transformation Starts Here

Align managers and agent through AI guidance and coaching to unlock better performance

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Script of calls
Real-time coaching

Does this sound familiar ?

Hard to scale best talks

Unique conversations make it hard to replicate successful interactions and ensure consistent service quality.

Detect errors after the call

Delayed detection of errors and compliance violations leads to missed opportunities for improvement and risk of penalties.

Spend hours listening calls

Manual call analysis wastes time and is inefficient for identifying insights and trends.

Pre-made Contact Center Template

Cold call Script

Maximize your chance to get a meeting from first call

Retail Script

Is the person you are talking to your future buyer ?

Quality Insurance

Don't forget to make chekpoint and ask the right questions to move forward to the sale

Check what's its made of

Sales Discovery Guide

Chit Chat & Introduction
Briefly, tell me about your company and your role
Share your company's history and core values?
Goals and objectives for this meeting?
Top priorities for addressing these challenges?
How our solutions fit with your business needs?
Competitive Landscape
Competitive Landscape
What would be the next steps in the process?

Sales Discovery Guide

Key elements from meeting
Customer Suggestions
Customer Needs & Challenges
Customer Competitors
Action Items
Next Steps
When a deal can be lost for missing one question, Noota is a must have that guide me and my team and drive best results during calls.
Antoine Pernet - CEO Microdoing


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Unleash Agent Performance & Boost Revenue

Boost win rates with effective objection handling and scale best practices across your team.

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Train and Onboard faster than ever

Enable agents to achieve success right from the start.


Skyrocket Customer Satisfaction

Instant access to information reduce hold times and wait times for agents.

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Noota Screen Recorder


Ensure compliance with customer request.

Prevent costly compliance errors with real-time approved language and error correction during calls.


What really change ?

Without Noota

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Find mistakes when it is already too late
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Lose deals because of lack of coaching
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No way to put your insights into practice

With Noota

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Preventing mistakes before they happen
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Identify and replicate best practices
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Learning by doing

Noota connects

Integrates with your favorite apps.

From meeting to data.



Making your Ideas a Reality

Sapiens is your Creative Agency Webflow template we can build anything your dream.

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