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AI Meeting Assistant.
Record. Analyze. Summarize.

Meeting recorder

Automatic note-taking and custom meeting reports, real-time coaching & suggest answers to the customer's questions.

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Auto Summary

Does this sound familiar ?

60 min fill in CRM
per day

Keep your database clean and up-to-date is an important time where you are not selling.

Loss focus in meeting

Take notes and switching between knowledge base and customer is really disturbing.

Forget important information

Details matter. Specially in sales where few details can change a lost in a win.

collect data

Capture every meeting.

Record Meets, Teams, Zoom, Aircall, Ringover and much more.

Meeting knowledge base

Voice to CRM.

Keep your CRM up-to-date. Automatically.


Live Guidance & Coaching

Make onboarding easy.

meeting analytics

Conversation Intelligence

Turn your calls into Business Intelligence.

Meeting Summary Template

Team meeting

Maximize your chance to get a meeting from first call

Sales discovery

Is the person you are talking to your future buyer ?

Job Interview

Create best interview guide and get the summary of candidates answers


Generate SEO page automatically right after your podcast

Academic Research

Unlock burried insights that remain in your interview

User Interview

Understand quickly feedbacks and feelings that matter

Check what its
made of

Team Meeting Guide

Introduction & Chitchat
Let's discuss about previous team meeting updates
Can you update on your progress with [ITEM]?
Is there anything you would like to bring up for discussion or any feedback you have?
Can you share any upcoming tasks or deadlines you have?
So, let's just summarize keypoints
Can each share action item for the week ?
We can plan next meeting on [DUE DATE]
Unfilled Star

Team Meeting Summary

Date, Time, Attendees
Key elements from meeting
Summary per speaker
Action item
Next Steps
Noota allowed us to onboard our sales teams 4x faster thanks to the recording of the meetings of the "top-performers".
This accelerated onboarding has also allowed the salespeople to reach their objectives twice as fast as before, while allowing the sales managers to supervise, coach and motivate the teams. It's hard to do without it!
User Picture
Paul Bouché - Head of Sales @Oliverlist


Start Noota today !


Record every online meetings and VoIP calls.

Record Meets, Teams, Zoom, Aircall, Ringover and much more.

Use the widget to start Noota from your meeting.


Add notes, screenshots & follow guidelines.

Classify your notes, boost meeting performance.


Transcription, topic & sentiment analysis.

Full understanding of any call in less than 2 minutes.


Summary sent as CRM deals notes.

Don't waste time on manual tasks.

Noota AI will generate your meeting minutes and automatically send them to your CRM of choice.

What really changes ?

Without Noota

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Find mistakes when it is already too late
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Lose deals because of lack of coaching
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No way to put your insights into practice
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Not enough ressources to analyse
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Waste 5 hours a week on CRM management

With Noota

Valid Checkmark
Preventing mistakes before they happen
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Identify and replicate best practices
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Learning by doing
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Unlock hidden knowledge of conversations
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Voice to CRM make your CRM always up- to-date


Making your Ideas a Reality

Sapiens is your Creative Agency Webflow template we can build anything your dream.


Which languages are supported ?

More than 80 languages and dialects are available for transcription.
Noota also allows you to translate your files in 30+ languages.

How secure is Noota ?

Noota's highest priority are security & privacy of our users' data. Every piece of information is double encrypted.
Noota is GDPR and SOC II compliant.

What are monthly credits ?

One credit can be used to transcribe or translate 1 min of content. If your video or audio file is 2 hours, it will use 120 credits of transcription.

Is there any discount ?

Discounts are available for teams of more than 20 people and students.

Which meeting can I record ?

Any online meeting platform like Zoom, Teams, Meet, WebEx and many more ! Using Chrome Extension make sure to open your app within the browser and launch the extension on the same tab.

Free Noota Extension

Start using note-taking app today !


Built with Security

HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant.

Double encryption.
HIPAA-eligible and GDPR compliant
SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certifications in progress