5 good reasons to subtitle your video

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You are used to creating video content and online viewing platforms have no secrets for you? This article will give you the keys to continue adding value to your publications and increase your visibility on social networks!

Did you know that 85% of videos posted on Facebook are viewed without sound? And it's not only on Facebook, because one out of two French people say they appreciate subtitled videos and feel frustrated when they can't understand a video without sound.

It is therefore not strategic to skip the subtitling of your videos. This leads to a considerable loss of leads and customers. As a result, misunderstanding and lack of accessibility can come between you and your subscribers.

Still not convinced? Take the time to read the following five reasons :

1. Subtitle makes your publications accessible to the hearing impaired๐Ÿ”‡

In France, there are about 6 million deaf and hard of hearing people. Among them, 2.5 million are active and are therefore faced with complex situations such as lack of understanding during meetings or isolation. These factors unfortunately contribute to the development of a malaise in these people.

However, there are many solutions to this problem. Indeed, it is possible to record meetings and important exchanges in order to share the written transcription within the company. In the case of a video recording, subtitles are a simple and effective way to make the viewing of the video accessible to everyone.

Similarly, when broadcasting your content on the Internet, subtitles will allow you to reach a wider audience and to interact more easily with it.

2. Subtitles make your video accessible in any context โœ…

Beyond the hearing impaired, many people have no choice but to view their videos without sound. Keep in mind that your videos are not always viewed in places that are quiet or appropriate for listening or concentration.

Often, they will be watched without sound so as not to disturb those around them or simply because it is inaudible given the location of the person. For example :

  • in the workplace (wearing headphones would be frowned upon and the person just watches without sound)
  • when a mother is close to her newborn and does not want to wake him up
  • on public transport
  • in a waiting room

All of the above are everyday situations. You have to take all situations into account and remember that your goal is to entertain this audience. These moments are crucial moments of the day, so it would be a shame if so many people could not fully enjoy your video!

Subtitles would ultimately be as beneficial for them as for you. For more details, you can go to the article Strategies.


3. Increase your performance indicators with subtitling ๐Ÿ“ˆ

Subtitling videos can bring you many more benefits than expected. Indeed, it allows you to improve your SEO score. It's very simple to understand, search engines work in text mode, so thanks to your subtitles you can considerably increase the SEO of your videos (they will now be found and ranked which will increase their traffic).

You should also see a higher number of interactions and engagement with your content. We're talking about 10% more likes and a 26% increase in shares, which is no small feat !

Subtitles will also contribute to the increase of the viewing time of your videos. Indeed, this time can jump up to 12%! This ensures that more information is retained compared to your previous publications.

All these factors will allow you to increase your community on social networks and make your content more viral and more easily understood by everyone.

4. Stand out with your subtitles ๐Ÿš€

And this is the nerve of the social network war!

To stand out from other videos that also use subtitles, don't hesitate to play with them and add a touch of originality that can be yours. This can be in the form of an atypical text or by using a precise vocabulary referring to your universe.

Subtitles can also be an opportunity to interact with your visitors and surprise them! You can slip in all sorts of amusing messages that will make them want to interact with your content and check your social networks regularly.

By differentiating yourself from others, you will make sure that you make a lasting impression and make it easier for people to share, like and/or comment on your video. Be yourself and think about your target audience, because the customer experience is crucial!


5. Create subtitles in one click with Noota ๐Ÿ“ฒ

However, subtitling your videos requires time and precision. It is better to have a powerful software that makes the task easier.

By using an online platform capable of subtitling all your videos, you save time and can focus on other tasks.

At Noota, this is what we strive to offer. Are you interested ? For a free trial, click here.

You can import any file in the format you want. In a few minutes it will be subtitled, and of course you can modify it as you wish.

Simple, fast and efficient, our subtitle creation software will be your best ally to publish your content on social networks and add value to it.

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