How to succeed in your online interview ?

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With the current health context, remote interviews and appointments are becoming more and more common. It may seem easier but it is not always easy to feel comfortable in front of the camera.

We will then give you the 5 tips to optimize your videoconference interview !

NĀ°1 : Before starting the interview choose a suitable place šŸ‘©šŸ»ā€šŸ’»

Indeed, wherever you are, remember to choose your setting as well as your sound environment.

It is important to conduct your interview in a quiet and isolated place, so as not to be disturbed by your entourage during the conversation.

Also pay attention to the decor, which should be neutral and professional. Make sure that the room is tidy and that your personal belongings are in order. If the background is too busy, even disorganized, it will attract the recruiter's attention and he/she may focus on it.

In other words, it is advisable to sit in a quiet, neutral room, on a desk with a stable support. The computer should be at eye level. Also, avoid standing against the light !

NĀ°2 : Even if it is a remote interview have a professional outfit šŸ‘•

Whether face-to-face or remote, it is important to put yourself in professional conditions and therefore to wear the right outfit.

Go for a simple, classy, dressy outfit (shirts always make a good impression for both men and women).

In addition, create a professional profile by filling in a recent and simple photo of yourself with clear information.

Remember that this is the first image you will send back to your interlocutor !

NĀ°3 : 30 minutes before your interview, check your technical tools āœ…

To avoid stress during the interview, it is important to plan 15-30 minutes in advance to check your digital tools. See if your phone or computer has enough battery power, check the sound, video and internet connection.

This will allow you to start your interview with peace of mind.

NĀ°4 : Think about your verbal and non-verbal communication during the interview šŸ—£Ā 

Even if you are at a distance, your interlocutor will analyze your verbal and non-verbal expressions. Gestures are just as important as language !

Therefore, think about your posture to stand up straight, smile (very important, it reflects a positive sunny attitude), and look at the camera (not your own image).

The objective is to make your interlocutor feel your investment in order to give him the impression of being face to face.

NĀ°5 : Prepare content for the interview šŸ“š

Not everyone does it, but it is still a great advantage in video conferencing !

In fact, remember to have a CV, cover letter or notes that you can send in the software chat during the exchange. This allows you to transmit written and concrete information about yourself that will add value to your presentation.

On the other hand, if you have a Power Point or other presentation to share, prepare beforehand so that you don't waste time on screen sharing or setting it up.

The best of video conferencing for your online interview šŸš€

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