“Noota helps me make more informed and aligned recruitment decisions"

Recruiters at Mercato de l’emploi describes how Noota makes their recruitment process more efficient
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Recruiter at Mercato de l’emloi

How has Noota transformed your work approach and methods?

I use Noota daily for my video conferences with clients, candidates, and partners. Its automatic note-taking and transcription system frees me from mental load, allowing me to focus on my interactions. Noota has become indispensable to me, acting as a "second brain" that secures my information and significantly enhances my productivity and the efficiency of my recruitment process.

What Noota features are essential for you?

For me, some of Noota's features are absolutely crucial. The custom summary option I had the chance to try in beta version has already revolutionized the way I work. I can guide the AI to create summaries tailored to my specific needs, providing me with precise and relevant summaries of my interviews, exactly matching what I am looking for. Combined with automatic transcription, this transforms the way I manage information from interviews and greatly increases my performance.

How do you concretely use Noota in your recruitment tasks?

When recruiting for sales positions, I conduct structured interviews where I assess key skills. For each position, I develop a set of specific questions that I validate with my client. During the interview, Noota records, transcribes, and captures essential verbatims for a precise analysis of skills. This allows me to fully focus on the candidate. After the interview, I can easily review their responses to objectively assess their skills.

What impact does Noota have on your decisions?

Noota allows me to make more equitable comparisons between candidates. I rely on concrete data rather than on potentially incomplete memories or manual notes. Ultimately, Noota helps make my recruitment decisions more informed and aligned with the needs of my clients and the expectations of the position.

How much time do you save each week thanks to Noota?

On average, I'd say I save several hours per week, between 3 to 5 hours. This not only frees up time during the interview but also reduces the time spent afterwards transcribing and analyzing notes. This is a valuable time saving that allows me to focus on other important aspects of my role.

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"Noota is my trusted companion in my everyday professional and academic life"

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“Noota helps me make more informed and aligned recruitment decisions"

Recruiter at Mercato de l’emloi

"Noota improves the reliability of our interview data".

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