"Noota improves the reliability of our interview data".

Learn how Arnaud, CEO of Good Recruiter, boosts his teams' productivity with Noota.
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CEO at Good Recruiter

How has Noota transformed your work ?

Noota allows us to first record our interviews and then automate the input into our HR tools. This saves us valuable time in transcription and enhances the reliability of our data.

What are the key features of Noota for you?

The automation provided by Noota has become key to our recruiters' success. Its seamless integration with our ATS system simplifies the management of candidate data, making each process more efficient and accurate. Additionally, Noota's ability to automatically generate and send interview summaries to candidates is a real advantage. It allows us to focus more on interacting with candidates while ensuring fast and professional follow-up.

How do you use Noota in your recruitment tasks ?

At GoodRecruiter, we focus on automation. With Noota, we can automate everything! First, the interview is recorded. Then, the summary is generated. Finally, our ATS systems are updated—all automatically. Noota enhances our efficiency and professionalism.

What impact does Noota have on your decisions?

Noota increases the accuracy of information, which helps us make more informed decisions about candidates. It also improves the quality of our interactions and, consequently, our recruitment decisions.

How much time do you save each week thanks to Noota?

Noota saves us valuable hours previously spent on note-taking, report writing, and ATS entry. This optimization allows us to focus more on interactions and decision-making. I cannot quantify the exact time saved in hours, but the impact of Noota on our productivity is significant.

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"Noota is my trusted companion in my everyday professional and academic life"

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“Noota helps me make more informed and aligned recruitment decisions"

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"Noota improves the reliability of our interview data".

CEO at Good Recruiter

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