Do you need to convert an audio file into text? Are you looking for free solutions? Don't worry, you've come to the right place! In this article, you will discover all the free options available to you to quickly and easily transcribe your audio recordings into text!

Transcribe manually

Your first option seems the most obvious. Indeed, by manually transcribing your audio files yourself, you can be sure to benefit from a free transcription solution.

However, this option has many disadvantages. Manual transcription requires a lot of time and concentration. Your transcription will probably be close to the recording, but it will have taken you a considerable amount of time, which you will also spend on proofreading.

Transcribing with Google Docs voice input

The Google Docs tool will be presented here as an alternative to other word processors such as Word. Equipped with a voice input function, Google Docs will allow you to transcribe your audio files.

To do this, simply activate your microphone, click on the "tools" tab in the menu and then turn up the sound of your audio file. The voice input is then launched!

But be careful! Google Docs voice input is not precise enough to allow you to benefit from a quality transcription. You will be able to get a rough transcript of your file, but you will still have to go through the transcription yourself to make sure that nothing has been missed.

Transcribing with YouTube's automatic subtitles

Another option is to transcribe your audio file via the YouTube platform.

First of all, before you can start using YouTube's automatic subtitling feature, you need to convert your audio file into a video, otherwise you won't be able to import it into the platform. A still image that accompanies the audio will suffice, as long as your audio file is converted to video.

Then you can upload your video to YouTube. A few hours later, you will have access to an automatic transcription of the audio. To see your transcript, simply go to the video page, click on the icon (...) at the bottom right, and then click on "Open Transcription Tab". A new tab will open and reveal your automatic transcription.

Again, the transcript will not be perfect and will require extensive proofreading and correction. In addition, you will not be able to transcribe all of your audio files, as some data cannot be published on YouTube, at the risk that your competitors, for example, will benefit from it.

Transcribe with Noota

At Noota, we have created an artificial intelligence that can transcribe your audio and video files into text in just a few minutes!

To take advantage of your transcription, you just need to import your audio or video file into our platform, fill in some information such as the number of participants, then wait a few minutes while our artificial intelligence transcribes your file.

A few moments later, you will see your transcript and can modify it as many times as you wish. You also have the possibility to enjoy a summary of your file and can add elements manually.

With Noota, your files are transcribed quickly and accurately. You save time and can devote it to other tasks.

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