Why don't I like to hear my voice ?

You too, while listening to yourself speak through an audio, thought "my voice really sounds like this? It's unbearable! "Don't panic, 80% of people feel the same way when listening to themselves through an audio. We explain why and how you can learn to love it !

I/ The reason why your voice annoys you ๐Ÿ”

You've always heard yourself speak and you've made up your mind about your voice. But in reality, people don't hear the same as you. Isn't that surprising ? But it's very simple to explain!

When you talk to someone, it is the bone and vibrational sound that you hear while when you listen to an audio from you it is the air sound.

What is bone and vibratory sound ?

It is simply the sound of your voice when it resonates in your head. Indeed, the vocal cords emit a sound that resonates in your skull, spreads in your body and bounces on your bones. As a result, your voice sounds deeper than it really is.

And the airborne sound ?

It is sound that is propagated from the outside and then transmitted to the eardrums. When you hear your voice from the outside, it is therefore an unnatural sensation and can be embarrassing or disappointing. It often sounds higher pitched and nasal.

II/ Learning to love your voice ๐Ÿค

However, it is possible to learn to love your voiceโ€ฆ

First of all, you need to know how to control your speech. Theater and singing are very effective activities for this type of exercise.

It is also important to warm up your voice before speaking in public. After all, it comes from the vocal muscle and like any other muscle, it needs to be properly warmed up before being used !

On the other hand, freeing the diaphragm is essential! It is what allows you to breathe correctly and to feel good. It is thus necessary to inspire slowly and to activate the deep muscles which play on the diaphragm and make it possible to release the breath.

To understand in detail the role of the diaphragm on our health, I invite you to click here. This is a very well informed article from "devenir-zen".

Working on your voice is indeed possible but it will never change completely. You have to learn to love it and to deal with your imperfect voice !

III/ What the voice reflects ๐Ÿ”ฎ

According to Platon, "the voice is the reflection of the soul".

Indeed, the voice according to its intensity, its flow or its speed can reflect an emotion, a character or a state of health. It is therefore a reflection of our personality beyond a "tool" that allows us to express ourselves.

Taking care of your voice is important, learning to love it is also important.

If after all these tips you still don't like to listen to yourself, switch to transcription with Noota instead !

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