"Noota gives me an automatic and precise summary of each coaching session".

Find out how Noota enables Nathan to offer better service to his coachees
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How has Noota transformed your work?

Previously, I had to take notes manually during my coaching sessions. Now, I get an automatic and accurate summary of each session. This allows me to offer a higher quality, more structured service without increasing the cost of my services.

Which Noota features are essential for you?

For me, the most essential features of Noota are the automatic transcription of meetings and the customized summaries. These tools save me considerable time in coaching. The integration with calendars and the ability to use Noota with Zoom are also major advantages that simplify the organization of my appointments.

Could you describe how you use Noota in your coaching tasks?

I use Noota in each of my individual coaching sessions. During meetings, the Noota bot automatically transcribes the discussions. Afterwards, I can extract key information such as the challenges my clients face and the solutions they discover during the session. These pre-configured summaries are then integrated into each client's dashboard. I have a clear and precise overview of each session, which significantly improves the efficiency of my coaching process.

What impact does Noota have on your decisions?

Thanks to Noota, I can better understand the needs and challenges, which guides me in formulating more targeted advice and strategies. This data-driven approach helps me make more informed decisions about the personal development of my clients.

How much time do you save each week thanks to Noota?

On average, I estimate saving about one hour per day, which adds up to several hours per week.

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