"Noota provides key insights that enriches my interactions with my clients"

Find out how OBI-US consultants get more value from their customer meetings with Noota
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Marketing consultant at OBVI-US

How has Noota transformed your work ?

I can't imagine holding a meeting without my Noota assistant anymore. Everything is recorded and analyzed automatically, allowing me to fully concentrate on the discussion. The post-meeting analysis provided by Noota's AI gives me unique and valuable insights I didn’t have before. It's as if Noota has become an indispensable member of my team.

What are the indispensable features of Noota for you?

The meeting analysis features. I value how Noota can turn conversations into accurate transcriptions. The smart summaries and sentiment analysis generated by the AI also provide me with insights that enrich my interactions with clients and enhance my decision-making.

How do you concretely use Noota in your consulting tasks?

I use it to record and analyze all my client meetings. Features such as real-time alerts during my interactions with clients significantly enhance my service delivery in process optimization and customer experience. It's like having a personal assistant who captures every important detail, saving me valuable time and increasing my efficiency.

What impact does Noota have on your decisions?

Noota has profoundly transformed how I make decisions as a consultant. I can capture nuances and details during my meetings. Noota’s AI also provides valuable insights and uncovers aspects I hadn’t considered before. My decisions are based not only on my own thoughts but also on solid data highlighted by Noota, making them more relevant and strategic.

How much time do you save each week thanks to Noota?

I save on average about thirty minutes per meeting, which adds up to several hours per week!

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"Noota is my trusted companion in my everyday professional and academic life"

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