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In the hectic daily work of a recruiter, every minute and every detail counts.

No wonder that you want to be always one step ahead of your responsibilities.

That's what the interview report does for you.

It enables you to share a clear and accurate view of your candidates' potential, so to make informed decisions quickly.

Let's see how you can turn your interviews into useful and actionable data, and make faire and objective recruitment choices.

Why Make a Job Interview Report Template ?

At first glance, making a interview report might seem like an extra task in an already busy schedule. But it's not just a formal step; it will help you speed up your entire recruitment process.

Dig a little deeper, and you'll see the undeniable benefits:

Saving time

A well-done report saves you time in the long run. No more hours wasted searching for information scattered throughout your notes.

A structured debriefing centralizes everything you need to know about each candidate, making it easy to access key information when you need it to make a decision.

Improved decision-making

Interview reports makes the comparison between candidates clear and easy. By systematically listing their skills, experience and motivations, you have a solid basis for assessing who's the best fit for the job.

This structured method reduces uncertainties and guides you towards an informed, justified decision.

Reducing bias

Standardized reporting helps neutralize unconscious bias. By evaluating each candidate according to the same predetermined criteria, you ensure fair treatment.

This contributes to an objective assessment, based on facts rather than impressions.

Facilitated communication

A report is an effective communication tool between the various stakedholders involved in your recruitments. Whether it's to inform another member of your team, a manager, or even to provide constructive feedback to the candidate, the report summarizes your observations clearly and concisely.

So everyone can quickly understand your assessment without having to decipher your manual notes.

How to make a good interview report

A well-prepared and clear interview report is an invaluable asset for making informed and accurate recruitment choices. It facilitates communication, optimizing not only your note-taking process, but the entire recruitment process.

Here's how to master note-taking :

Prepare a predefined note structure

Start by preparing a note-taking structure.

This structure should include predefined sections such as the candidate's personal information, professional skills, personal skills, motivations, and behavioral observations.

Having this outline in mind, or better still, on a document or in note-taking software, allows you to organize your observations in real time and ensure that all the important aspects are covered.

Taking notes of key elements

The key to effective note-taking lies in your ability to capture the essentials. Focus on elements of the candidate's language, including specific terms used to describe experience and skills, as well as significant paraverbal elements, such as tone of voice or enthusiasm.

This will help you better grasp the candidate's personality and cultural fit with your company. However, keep in mind that your aim is to take notes quickly and efficiently, without trying to transcribe word for word.

Avoid any discriminatory elements

It's crucial to ensure that your notes, and therefore your interview report, scrupulously comply with legislation on non-discrimination in hiring.

In American and European laws, all forms of discrimination are usually illegal. It is your responsibility to ensure that your notes and comments are free of any content that could be construed as discriminatory. Avoid comments based on age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, or any other criterion that is irrelevant to the assessment of the candidate's professional and personal skills.

Clear feedback

Once the interview is over and you've taken your notes, it's time to summarize your observations. Turn your notes into a structured document, using bullet points to clarify skills, experience, motivations and behavioral observations. Using an attractively designed Word or PDF template can greatly facilitate this process.

A well-designed document is not only more pleasant to read; it also makes sharing information easier and more professional. Make sure that the template you choose allows for easy customization to suit different candidate profiles and the specific requirements of each position.

Key Elements to Include in a Job Interview Report

1. Candidate Information: The job interview report should start with the candidate's name, contact information, and the position for which they are applying. This section establishes the context for the evaluation and serves as a quick reference for future use.

2. Interview Details: Include the interview date, time, and location. Mention the names and roles of the interviewers as well. This information ensures that the report is well-documented and that it can be easily compared if necessary.

3. Assessment Criteria: Define the requirements by which the candidate will be evaluated. Technical skills, communication abilities, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and any other relevant qualities or skills required for the position may be included.

4. Strengths and Weaknesses: Based on the candidate's performance during the interview, provide an honest assessment of their strengths and weaknesses. Highlight specific examples or situations to back up your assessment. Be positive in your feedback and, where appropriate, offer suggestions for improvement.

5. Recommendations: Finish the job interview report by making recommendations about the candidate's suitability for the position. Give reasons why the candidate is a good fit. If there are any concerns, list them along with recommendations for further evaluation or areas for improvement.

Interview Report Templates

An example of a customized interview report template on the Noota tool

To save you time and effort in making your report, you can use predefined templates.

Here are two examples of templates tailored to the specific needs of recruitment agencies and in-house HR departments:

(These templates are built into our Noota interview assistant tool)

Agency Reporting Template:

[Recruitment Agency's Logo]


Company Name
Company Address
City. State. ZIP Code

Subject: Job Interview Report - [Candidate Name]

Dear [Company Name] Team,

I am writing to provide a comprehensive report on the Job interview conducted with [Candidate Name] for the position at our company. We appreciate the opportunity to assess the candidate's suitability for the role and would like to share our findings.

Candidate information:

Candidate Name: [Candidate Name]
Position Applied for: [Job Title]
Interview Date: [Interview Date]
Interviewer(s): [Recruiter's Name] and [Other Interviewers, if applicable]
Interview Assessment:

[Provide a brief overview of the candidate's overall performance and impression during the interview]

Skills and Qualifications:
[Evaluate the candidate's skills, qualifications, and relevant experience in relation to the job requirements. Provide specific examples or instances that demonstrate their competence]

Cultural Fit:
[Assess how well the candidate's values, work style, and personality align with your company's culture. Consider their adaptability, teamwork, and alignment with the organization's mission and values]

Communication skills:
[Evaluate the candidate's verbal and written communication skills, including their ability to articulate ideas, active listening, clarity, and professionalism]

Technical Skills:
[Assess the candidate's proficiency in the required technical skills for the position. Mention any specific tools, languages, or systems they are familiar with and evaluate their level of expertise]

Highlight the candidate's notable strengths that make them a strong fit for the role Provide specific examples or instances that demonstrate these strengths]

Areas for Development:
[Identify any areas where the candidate may need improvement or development. Focus on constructive feedback rather than criticism and provide suggestions for how they can address these areas]


Based on the interview assessment, we recommend [candidate Name] as the potential candidate for the [Job Title] position. Their skills, qualification and cultural fit make them a promising choice for vour organization. We believe they have the potential to contribute positively to your team.

Please note that this recommendation is based on our assessment and should be considered alongside other factors relevant to your hiring decision.

If you required any further information or would like to discuss the recommendation in more detail, please feel free to reach out us. We value our partnership with your company and look forward to assisting you further in the recruitment process.

[Your Name]
[Recruiter's Title]
[Recruitment Agency's Name]
[Contact Information]

Company Based Reporting Template:

[Your Company's Logo]


[Company Name]
[Company Address]
[City, State, ZIP Code]

Dear [Company Name] Team,

Subject: Candidate Recommendation

I am writing to recommend an exceptional candidate I recently interviewed for a position within our company. After carefully evaluating their qualifications, skills, and fit for our organization, I believe this individual would be an excellent addition to our team.

Candidate Information:

Candidate Name: [Candidate Name]
Position Applied for: [Job Title]
Interview Date: Interview Date
Interviewer(s): [Your Name] and [Other Interviewers, if applicable]

[Provide a brief summary of the candidate's qualifications, skills, and experience]

[Highlight the candidate's notable strenaths and how they align with our company's requirements. Provide specific examples or instances that demonstrate these strength]

Experience and Qualifications:
[Evaluate the candidate's relevant work experience, education, and qualifications. Assess how well their background aligns with our company's needs]

Technical Skills:
[Assess the candidate's proficiency in the required technical skills for the role. Mention any specific tools, languages, or systems they are familiar with and evaluate their level of expertise]

Cultural Fit:
[Assess how well the candidate's values, work style, and personality align with our company culture. Consider their adaptability, flexibility, and alignment with our organization's mission and values]

Based on my assessment, I highly recommend considering [Candidate Name] for the [Job Title] position. Their skills, experience, and cultural fit make them a strong candidate who has the potential to contribute significantly to our company's success.

I am available to discuss this recommendation further or provide additional information as needed. Thank you for considering my recommendation, and I look forward to your decision.

[Your Name]
[Your Title]
[Contact Information

Generate an Automatic Report With NOOTA!

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  • Automated Interview report: after the interview, Noota leverages AI to analyze the transcript and extract key information.
  • Customized template: Noota lets you structure your report according to a customized template that meet your specific needs and expectations.
  • Easier communication: once the report has been finalized, it can be easily shared and exported in any format, enabling fast and informed decision-making.

Want to generate interview reports in one click and easily share an objective and fair view of your candidates? Try Noota for free.


Q1. How long should a job interview report be?

A job interview report should be concise and to the point, typically ranging from one to three pages, depending on the complexity of the role and the depth of the evaluation.

Q2. Can I customize a job interview report template?

Absolutely! Job interview report templates can be customized to align with the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Tailoring the template to your evaluation criteria ensures its relevance and effectiveness.

Q3. Should I include personal opinions in the report?

While the job interview report should reflect your professional assessment, it is important to focus on objective observations and evidence-based evaluations rather than personal opinions or biases.

Q4. Are job interview reports confidential?

Yes, job interview reports are considered confidential and should only be shared with relevant stakeholders involved in the hiring process. Adhering to privacy and data protection guidelines is crucial.

Q5. Can job interview reports be shared with candidates?

Typically, job interview reports are for internal use only and are not shared with candidates. However, organizations may choose to provide feedback summaries or high-level observations to candidates as part of the hiring process, keeping confidentiality and privacy in mind.

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