How to best structure your sales call reports ?

You just got back from a very positive sales call? Great!

Before celebrating, you might make a report of the conversation you've just had.

This will allow you to recall the details later on, re-engage your prospect via email, and share the key information with your team.

Here is how you can best write and structure your sales call report -to keep everyone updated! 

The benefits of sales call reporting

Sales reps are already used to taking notes of each of their customer meetings. Sales reporting is note-taking but in a more organized and systematic way. 

Via sales reports, you can share customer conversations in a presentable and compelling way.

And this has multiple benefits:

For the client, it helps you to :

  • Recall the pain points raised and your value proposition.
  • Give arguments to relay internally.
  • Push for action.

For the team

  • Remember your conversations and share them in your CRM.
  • Report your performance and activity to your manager.
  • Follow up on actions with the team members involved.

So there's good reason to incorporate this practice into your and your sales team's routine.

You can ask your teammates to share their call reports in the CRM so that everyone is regularly updated. This way you ensure that the information flows to the right people at the right time!

Example of a customer meeting report

The best meeting reports get straight to the point. Your readers need to know in a few lines the issues and outcomes of your conversation.

And so is a sales call report.

You want to present the ins and outs of the conversation, and the key information that would help foster the deal.

Here is a template for a well-structured sales call report - to be adjusted according to whether you are addressing your prospect or your team:

Brief description of the company

What is the size of the company? Of the team involved?

What is the company's growth trend? The market’s growth trend?

The current topics driven by management?

Pain points

What are your prospect's current goals? What is standing in the way of achieving these goals?

What are the tools and infrastructures that they’re already using? And what are their limitations?

What emotion does your prospect feel about this? Frustration, impatience, fear?

Value proposition

What is the main value you put forward? Time-saving, performance, security,...?

What features of your product/service have you described to them?

What are the references and similar customer cases that you’ve mentioned?

What is your proposed price range?

Objections raised

How did your prospects react to your value proposition?

Did they mention any competitors? And if so, which ones? What was your response?

Did they comment on your price? How did you justify it?

Did they mention any external issues? Lack of time, budget, or skills?

Did they question your company or product? What is their judgment based on?

Decisions made

At the end of the conversation, what is the decision you both have mutually agreed on?

Did you agree to send a quote, set up a demo, have another meeting to discuss specific points, or postpone the decision to a later date?

Additional details for your team

Who is the decision maker? The end user? A potential supporter?

What were the points raised, words used, and reactions of your prospect that surprised you?

Noota: automate your sales call reporting

Streamlining the note-taking process in your sales process is sometimes difficult. That's why Noota has designed a tool to automate sales reporting.

It helps your reps to :

  • Structure your meetings with predefined question guidelines.
  • Transcribe your whole conversation with a meeting recorder.
  • Automatically summarize it by topic using AI.

You want to incorporate call reporting in your sales process? Try Noota for free.

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