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Recruiters : Automate Interview Meetings.

Follow interview question guide in real time, get a structure summary of the answers of the candidate in your tool.

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Does this sound familiar ?

Reporting take time

Recruiters spend on average 14 hours doing administratives tasks each week. What if this could be automatized?

Hard to compare pool candidate

Take notes and switching between knowledge base and customer is really disturbing.

Forgot important information

Details matter. Specially in sales where few details can change a lost in a win.

Pre-made Recruiting Template

Software engineer

Use specific template question to ask software engineer in interview

Sales interview

How to test a sales candidate if he can fit the job ?

Marketing recruitement

Don't forget to make chekpoint and ask the right questions to move forward to the sale

Check what's its made of

Software Engineer Interview

Can you tell me more on your background?
What brought you to software engineering ?
Can you share past software conception?
How do you identify and solve bugs ?
What languages are you experienced with ?
Which one you prefer and why ?
What's you developped and you're most proud of?
How do you communicate on team project?
How do you do to insure code quality ?
What are you expectations for this position?
Do you have any questions regarding the company?

Job Interview Summary

Key elements from meeting
AI Question/Answering
Soft Skills
Hard Skills
Salary Expectation
Red Flag
When a deal can be lost for missing one question, Noota is a must have that guide me and my team and drive best results during calls.
Antoine Pernet - CEO Microdoing


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What really change ?

Without Noota

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All manual data entry take time
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Ressource to track candidates are limited
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Hard to standardize interview in company

With Noota

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Automatic ART & CRM update after interview
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Make the entire team speak as one entity

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