Writing can be an art as well as a dream or an ordeal for some. For a long time, we have kept a trace of our verbal communication on various and varied supports: engravings, paintings, writing, thus transmitting the knowledge and the history of the preceding generations.

In our modern society, we observe the importance of writing from an early age: knowing how to speak and write are "skills" inherent to every human being who is active on a professional, personal and economic level.

Use a manual transcription
service for your note taking ✍🏼

We start by learning to write in school: students become real transcribing machines. They listen to the teachers, write down as much information as possible so that they can read it again later and learn it. Later on, in the workplace, we often write down some of the information we get from conversations and meetings, always with the aim of reading it again and reusing it.

For some, wouldn't it be more convenient to simply listen to the exchanges again and use them directly ?

Taking notes is a task in itself. It takes up part of our brain at a time when we would like to dedicate it entirely to a conversation: everyone has thought, after an interview, "I should have said this or that…".

In addition to this loss of reactivity, the time devoted to rereading and processing the notes we have taken represents an average of half a day each week. Each verbal exchange gives rise to reports, e-mails, articles, courses, which are our work supports.

How can we work efficiently when we have not been able to capture all the elements listed by our teacher or collaborators? Although audio/video recording allows us to listen to a conversation or a lecture, it does not allow us to automate the taking of notes and the construction of written material.

To optimize your note taking, why not use Noota ?💡

We overload our brains with secondary, non-essential information and actions, whereas our brains are most efficient when they have to argue, react and exchange.

So how can we optimize the use of our brain?

Imagine having someone take all your notes from every conversation, so they can give you the exact information you need about a phone call you had 5 days ago. To be able to summarize every exchange instantly, and even… generate a standard report without you having to put in any effort.

Noota, that's it !

An assistant with whom you no longer lose any information, you are more efficient and more focused on the exchange, not on taking notes.


A tool to automate your note taking :

Noota is a new French application that wants to revolutionize the world of note taking by becoming your personal assistant! Having Noota with you means having the ability to constantly record your conversations, transcribe them and generate reports in any format. We will present several use cases that will allow you to understand how Noota can apply to your situation.

Commercial 💼

Imagine being a salesperson, you have to make more than 10 phone calls a day to customers or suppliers. You always have to write down in your calendar who is calling you, for what reason, what actions to take etc… Knowing that it is impossible to be constantly pro-active in the conversation when writing down the information, many details go by the wayside.


Download the Noota application and synchronize your phone. All phone calls made and received will be automatically recorded, transcribed, summarized and linked directly to your calendar. Gain direct performance, quality, and about half a working day per week.

Meetings 👩🏻‍💻

Once you have the text transcribed, you have a multitude of options. You can choose to send it directly to all participants in a meeting, and you can choose to refine your selection to share only the essential elements of the exchange using the application's built-in meeting minutes generation features.

If you are a fan of meetings, whether they are in the office or virtual through the classic video conferencing platforms (Zoom, Google Meets, Teams, Skype…) then record them, either directly or by integrating the Noota API. It will only take 2 clicks to record and bring that meeting to life.

That's why we offer our professional customers an automatic summary of configurable size that will include the essential information of the conversation. You can even send it directly to your follow-up software (CRM) or save it as a note.

Students 👩🏻‍🎓

"On your pens, you have 4 hours". That's right! Students write down a lot, every day. Until the last year of high school, teachers tend to write all their lectures on the board. It is usually enough to copy. But once the high school is over, in college, the professors don't have the same philosophy.

Make way for lectures, which leaves 2 options :

  • Writing and taking notes throughout the course which does not allow for active listening or interaction…
  • Listen, pay attention, remember and note what seems to be most important.

Unfortunately it is difficult without knowing the course to anticipate the important parts to focus on. In both cases the solutions are incomplete and require a lot of extra work.

That's when… NOOTA! Using Noota means: recording the lesson and taking pictures of the board which are automatically inserted. You go home with the complete lesson, all the details the teacher mentioned and moreover you have listened during the lesson !

Journalists 🎤

For a journalist, doing an interview is a classic. Getting information from the source often requires asking the person who has the information directly. This exchange is very enriching and the journalist's questions help to guide and lead the discussion in order to extract the most relevant information.

Some would say that being a journalist means being able to pick out the key information from this exchange. Having the ability to access the transcribed exchange, at any time and as many times as you want, allows you to really generate complete and quality articles. It gives you all the cards to be able to write a powerful article with a maximum of elements. It is as if you can ask your interlocutor endless questions.

If you are used to doing it manually you know that for 1 hour of audio, it takes about 4 hours to write it. Noota does it for you in only 20 minutes and for one of the lowest prices on the market. If you want to go even further, Noota develops a unique technology that generates reports of your exchanges. Instead of spending hours writing minutes of a meeting, a course, a meeting or an article, we generate them for you. You just have to select the type of exchange and the format of the minutes from our 8 examples.

I think the best thing is to try it and make your own opinion, what do you say?

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