What is customer experience and why is it so important ?

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You hear about customer experience without really understanding what does it mean ? You've come to the right place ! In this article, we explain everything in detail.

The misconceptions we have about customer experience 🗑

First, many talk about customer experience without really mastering the subject. You've probably heard one of the following statements :

1. The customer experience is the customer relationship

Well, it's not true! Customer relationship refers to all the exchanges between the company and its public on the different existing channels (social networks, website, phone, email…). The customer experience does not only concern the exchanges, but the whole of the actions carried out by the individual in favor of this brand (customer or not) and what he perceives (satisfaction index).

2. The customer experience begins at the point of purchase

This is not true, as you can be taken to a site, an online store, an Instagram account and form an opinion about it. You can have your opinion about that brand or that company's offering without even having gone through with the purchase. Another hypothesis: you know you're going to buy, but the customer experience has previously deceived you.

3. Customer experience is a marketing issue

This idea is widespread, however it is important to integrate that it is unfounded and simply false. The customer experience is unique to each individual and depends on the investment of each player in the company.

Simply put, what is customer experience? 👇🏼

To understand what customer experience is, you must first understand the difference with customer relations.

As mentioned above, these are two very different things.

To put it simply, the customer relationship is driven by the organization and its marketing strategy. The customer relationship will be maintained by the brand, and this, in a logic of trust and sustainability.

The customer experience encompasses all interactions as well as the emotions and feelings felt by a customer before, during and after the purchase process. It is therefore different from customer relations because of its broader approach and the integration of emotion analysis. Here, the user is no longer the result of a strategy, but the center of its concerns. Therefore, the objective is not the purchase, but the quality of the customer journey !

On the other hand, many factors will contribute to user satisfaction during the customer journey.

  • Knowing the customer's needs : you must always put forward the keywords and have a strategic formulation that attracts the customer and makes him think that this is THE solution he needs.
  • Have an online site : before any purchase, 90% of the French will check the products or offers of the brand online. It is important to be present on different channels to optimize your visibility.
  • Having an intuitive site : this will contribute to the satisfaction of the user or web visitor. If the site is slow or the individual does not know where to look for information on your site, they will leave the page or be overwhelmed.
  • Having a FAQ (frequently asked questions) or a Chatbot available : this allows you to answer users' questions quickly, but also to have an overview of recurring requests and queries. This is what allows you to know where to improve.
  • Comparison : we are in the age of recommendation and comparison. People ask for advice around them or look for opinions before making a decision. It is therefore important to take care of your customer reviews and to make them appear as soon as possible in order to be credible and trustworthy.
  • Having an available team : beyond the individual user experience (when the person is on the site, browsing online), the exchange with the staff is very important. The user must feel that he is unique, that he is listened to, and that he has tailor-made advice that corresponds to his expectations.
  • The accompaniment : after having well advised and welcomed the customer (face to face or on the phone), it is important to be attentive and available. You have to show the customer that you are transparent and that you will answer all his questions, even during and after delivery.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when evaluating the customer experience. Moreover, requests such as "create an account to finalize the purchase" or excessive shipping costs are all details that can lead to the abandonment of an order. It is then essential to anticipate all this and to think intelligently about what is beneficial for both stakeholders (and especially for the user's comfort).

Why is this so important? 🎯

Today, customer experience is highly valued, even essential, because there is strong competition. We are in a society in search of innovation, where everything is at hand and customers are becoming very demanding because they have a choice. To stand out, companies must therefore offer a quality customer experience that makes the customer and the service provided unique.

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