"Noota enables me to structure my candidate data so I can objectively assess their skills."

Learn how Noota helps recruiters at CO-CTO to simplify their assessment of candidates
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Recruiter at CO-CTO

How has Noota transformed your work?

Previously, I spent a lot of time taking notes during appointments, which was stressful and distracting from the main focus. Now, with Noota, I can fully concentrate on my interactions with clients and CTOs, knowing that everything is recorded and summarized automatically. This saves me valuable time.

What Noota features are essential to you?

Automated transcription and reports are indispensable to me. Knowing that everything is recorded and generated automatically is a huge relief. This saves me a lot of time, especially when preparing business proposals, and significantly improves the quality of my follow-ups with clients and partners.

How do you concretely use Noota in your recruitment tasks ?

I use Noota with both clients and candidates. Live recording allows me to stay fully focused on the conversation without worrying about taking notes manually. After each meeting, I use the automatic summary generated by Noota to prepare detailed and personalized reports.

What impact does Noota have on your decisions?

I can now analyze discussions in depth and make informed decisions based on comprehensive information. This allows me to be more proactive and responsive in managing projects, thus improving the efficiency and quality of our services.

How much time do you save each week thanks to Noota?

Before, taking notes and drafting meeting summaries took me 1.5 hours. With Noota, it only takes 20 minutes. On average, I would say I save at least several hours per week, allowing me to focus more on strategic tasks and developing customer relationships.

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