"Noota gives me a summary of all the points raised in my client meetings".

Find out how Conseiller Numérique's teams use Noota to improve the efficiency of their follow-up and communication with clients.
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Consultant at Conseiller Numérique.ca

How has Noota transformed your work?

Previously, I spent a lot of time taking notes and summarizing discussions, but now, Noota automatically handles this task for me. This allows me to fully focus on the content of the meetings and interact more effectively with my counterparts, all while ensuring that I don't miss anything important.

What Noota features are indispensable to you?

Automatic transcription of meetings and customized summaries are crucial tools for me. They enable me to efficiently capture the key information from each meeting. Additionally, Noota's integration with other platforms like Google and the customization options for summaries based on themes are extremely useful in optimizing my workflow.

How do you specifically use Noota in your consulting tasks?

I use Noota to record and transcribe all client meetings. After each meeting, I review the customized summary to extract key points, which significantly improves the efficiency of my follow-up and communication with clients.

What impact does Noota have on your decisions?

Thanks to the automatic transcription and meeting summaries, I can make more informed decisions based on complete and accurate information. Noota enables me to optimize strategies and actions with my clients.

How much time do you save each week thanks to Noota?

My meeting processing time has been cut in half since I started using Noota.

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