The 10 Best AI Note Takers in 2024

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The benefits of using AI to save time on time-consuming and tedious tasks are well known.

Taking notes during meetings is a perfect example of this kind of task.

It's hard to take note of everything that's being said while paying attention to the person you're talking to.

AI-based software now takes care of this automatically, allowing you to focus entirely on your conversations.

Let's take a look at some of the best tools to help you and your team optimize the way you conduct meetings.

What is an AI-based note-taking tool?

An AI-based note generator is a tool based on voice recognition technologies.

It enables you to record and transcribe everything said in your meetings, from your videoconferencing platform. In general, it also enables you to convert your already recorded audio documents into accurate transcriptions.

With this kind of tool, you no longer have to worry about taking notes in your meetings, whether they're one:

  • Research interview
  • Recruitment interview
  • Team meeting
  • 1-to-1
  • Discovery call
  • Product demonstration
  • Or any other professional or educational meeting...

Today's most advanced tools include features such as structured summaries based on generative AI, keyword-based information search, and document sharing based on your meeting data.

Why use an AI note-taking tool?

Note-taking is often a tedious task that distracts you from more value-added tasks in your business.

Just think how much time you spend remembering or retracing information from recent meetings! There are actually only benefits to automating your manual note-taking.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from AI note-taker tools:

  1. Saves time and effort:These tools automatically take notes as you discuss, saving time during and after your meetings.
  2. Improved accuracy:Compared to spontaneous note-taking during meetings, AI takes note of everything that is spoken, with near-perfect transcription for the most advanced technologies. This ensures that you don't forget anything about the conversation.
  3. Organized note management: Some tools let you organize, structure and categorize your notes. For even greater time savings!
  4. Better collaboration: Share notes effortlessly with your whole team in a single platform that saves your notes in the cloud.
  5. Conversational intelligence: In some tools, you can go as far as analyzing the quality of your interactions with your interlocutors (speaking and listening times for each, sentiment analysis, ..). This is particularly useful for improving sales calls and evaluating candidates in interviews.

Best AI meeting note-taking tools


Live Notes

Noota is an all-in-one IA note-taking tool. It integrates all the advanced features to let you transcribe, share and structure your meeting data in just a few clicks. It's a true meeting assistant!

Key benefits:

(a) Automatic recording: Noota is compatible with well-known platforms such as Zoom, Teams and Meet.

(b) Faithful and accurate transcription: Noota features one of the most accurate speech recognition technologies on the market, particularly in French. It also identifies the voices of different interlocutors. This transcription is available in over 50 languages. Give it a try!

(c) Automatic minutes: Noota automates the documentation of your meetings by summarizing your transcripts according to a pre-established structure. This enables you to generate minutes of interviews, meetings and other official documents to share with your teams.

(d) Integration with your business tools: Noota integrates with popular ATS and CRM applications such as Beetween, Greenhouse, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Salesforce and Sellsy. You can send your recruitment interview or sales call summaries directly to your favorite tools. Noota also connects to Aircall and Ringover to transcribe your calls. Finally, it lets you share your meeting summaries with your teams on Notion and Slack to create more efficient workflows.

(e) Summarized and translated in over 50 languages.

(f) : Enterprise level security of your data : all your data is hosted on a sovereign European platform. We also apply double encryption to all incoming and outgoing data. You can remove any of your data from our servers with a single click. You can also obtain a totally independent private instance.

2. Otter.AI transforms your meetings into structured text that's easy to view and share.

Key benefits:

(a) Automatic recording and transcription: works with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. It records your discussions and automatically transcribes them into text. You don't have to do anything, just talk.

(b) Speaker identification: recognizes who is speaking and attributes the words to the right person in the transcript. This helps you keep track of who said what without confusion.

(c) Automatic summaries: At the end of the meeting, provides you with a summary of key points. You receive a clear record of decisions and actions to be taken, without having to review the entire transcript.

(d) Integration with your business tools: connects directly to your office applications like Microsoft Office and Google Workspace, enabling rapid note sharing. It can also synchronize data with CRMs like Salesforce, improving customer follow-up.

(e) Accessibility and collaboration: You can access transcripts from any device. lets you edit notes, comment on passages and share specific sections with colleagues for effective collaboration.

3. is designed to help you capture and analyze every aspect of your meetings.

Key benefits:

(a) Automatic recording and transcription: works with all major communication tools such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. It automatically records and transcribes your meetings in real time, freeing you from the task of taking notes manually.

(b) In-depth discussion analysis: The tool analyzes speaking time, detects sentiments expressed and tracks topics such as mentions of competitors. This gives you a deeper understanding of the dynamics of your meetings.

(c) Intelligent, actionable summaries: After each meeting, generates summaries highlighting key action points and decisions. These summaries make it easy to follow up and complete post-meeting tasks.

(d) Integration with your productivity tools: easily integrates with tools like Slack to share meeting notes, and with CRMs like Salesforce to enrich your customer records with the latest interactions.

(e) Accessibility and collaboration: Transcripts and summaries are accessible from any device. You can also invite team members to view and edit notes, promoting seamless collaboration.

4. Sembly

Sembly transforms your meetings into a structured set of notes and actions, helping you maximize the effectiveness of each meeting. Here's why integrating Sembly could be a game changer for you and your team:

Key benefits:

(a) Automatic transcription and summaries: Sembly invites itself to your meetings on platforms like Zoom and Google Meet to record and transcribe in real time. You don't have to worry about missing important information, Sembly takes care of it for you.

(b) Minutes generation: At the end of each meeting, Sembly provides you with detailed minutes, including key points, action items and decisions made. These minutes are structured for easy follow-up and implementation.

(c) Task management tool integration: Sembly can synchronize your meeting notes directly with your task management tools, allowing you to move from discussion to action without delay. Whether sending follow-up e-mails or updating projects, Sembly integrates with your daily workflow.

(d) Enhanced search and collaboration: With Sembly, easily find specific information thanks to the integrated search function. Invite team members to collaborate on notes, add comments and highlights for better collective understanding.

(e) Discreet and effective presence: Sembly can be sent to meetings you can't attend, taking notes for you. So you can concentrate on other tasks, safe in the knowledge that key information won't be lost.

5. Fathom

Integration | Verknüpfen Sie AI Notetaker by Fathom und HubSpot noch heute

Fathom simplifies the management of your meetings by transforming discussions into actionable documents. Find out why Fathom is the ideal tool for accurate, automated note-taking:

Key benefits:

(a) Automatic multilingual transcription: Fathom works perfectly with platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. It records your meetings and transcribes them in multiple languages, ensuring you don't lose any details, no matter what language is spoken.

(b) Instant summaries: Immediately after your meetings, Fathom provides accurate summaries, highlighting key action points and decisions. These summaries let you capture the essentials without having to review the entire transcript.

(c) Efficient integrations: Fathom synchronizes with your favorite CRM tools, making it easy to update customer files and track commitments made during meetings. This integration makes post-meeting workflows much smoother and more efficient.

(d) Key moment analysis: The tool automatically marks important meeting moments in the transcript, allowing you to easily revisit these points without having to search through the entire text.

(e) Easy access and sharing: Fathom transcripts and summaries are easily accessible from any device. You can share these documents with your teams or store them in secure folders for future reference.

The best IA text note-taking tools

1. MerciApp

MerciApp is a new-generation spellchecker. It boasts a range of advanced features to ensure smooth, impeccable writing: from intelligent autocorrection, to reformulation and style optimization.

Key benefits:

(a) Real-time correction: save proofreading time by correcting your errors almost instantly.

(b) Embedded explanations: the tool provides you with explanations to corrected errors to help you improve your writing skills.

(c) Integration with your business tools: enjoy the best of your writing assistant on your Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, Slack software and more.

(d) Browser integration:available as an extension for Chrome, Firefox and Edge, MerciApp accompanies you in all your writing.

(e) Multilingual functionality: MerciApp automatically detects the language of your text and switches corrections from French to English, via Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian.

2. Evernote AI

Evernote stands out as an AI-assisted note-taking solution, ideal for professionals and students looking to organize their ideas and information efficiently. Find out why Evernote is more than just a digital notepad:

Key benefits:

(a) Smart search: Thanks to AI, Evernote lets you search not just text, but also images and attachments. You can find specific information quickly, even in old or bulky notes.

(b) Transcription of handwritten notes: Evernote uses AI to convert your handwritten notes into digital text. Whether you're taking notes on paper or on a chalkboard during a meeting, Evernote digitizes them and makes them searchable.

(c) Automated organization: Evernote's AI suggests tags based on the content of your notes, helping to organize your information automatically. This allows you to keep your notes organized without extra effort.

(d) Customized templates: Use AI-powered note templates to structure your note-taking according to the type of meeting or project. This ensures maximum consistency and efficiency when entering new information.

(e) Integration with third-party applications: Evernote integrates with tools such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Teams and Slack, allowing you to link your notes to your scheduled events and meetings for better preparation and follow-up.

3. Notion AI

Notion AI is a powerful extension for the Notion productivity tool, designed to increase the efficiency of your work and writing processes. Here's why you should consider using Notion AI for your note-taking and content management needs:

Key benefits:

(a) Writing assistance: Notion AI helps you get started with your documents by offering text drafts, content suggestions, and even translations into multiple languages, enabling you to overcome writer's block and optimize your writing process (, Cloudwards).

(b) Automated summaries and insights: One of the most practical features is Notion AI's ability to analyze and summarize large quantities of text. This includes creating document summaries, extracting key elements and even generating action points from your meeting notes (, Cloudwards).

(c) Text enhancement and personalization: Notion AI can also improve the quality of your writing by correcting grammar, adjusting tone to match different audiences, and suggesting stylistic improvements to make your texts more engaging (Cloudwards).

(d) Seamless integration: As an extension of Notion, AI works seamlessly within your existing Notion workspace, allowing you to manage your notes, documents and projects without the need for additional tools or platform changes (,

(e) Data security and confidentiality: Notion AI ensures that your data remains secure and private, with data-in-transit encryption and advanced permission controls, guaranteeing that your information is protected to the highest industry standards (

4. Obsidian AI

Obsidian is much more than just a note-taking tool. It uses artificial intelligence to transform the way you organize, connect and leverage your knowledge. Here's why Obsidian should be your choice for intelligent knowledge management:

Key benefits:

(a) Knowledge mapping: Obsidian lets you visualize your notes as interconnected graphs, making it easier to understand the complex relationships between ideas. This graphical display is ideal for visually exploring the connections between information.

(b) Intelligent content reuse: Obsidian's AI analyzes your notes to identify and resurrect relevant content as you write. This helps you create richer, more informative notes without redundant effort.

(c) Dynamic contextual linking: Beyond traditional links, Obsidian uses AI to suggest relevant links based on the context of your current writing, making your notes extremely dynamic and interconnected.

(d) AI-powered extensions: Obsidian is supported by an active community that is constantly developing AI-based plugins, such as automatic summarization tools, text analysis, and more, that enrich the user experience.

(e) Synchronization and integration: Obsidian can synchronize with other services and platforms, making it easy to integrate external information and collaborate with other tools you may be using.

5. Zoho Zia

Zoho Notebook is distinguished by its integration with Zoho's Zia AI, offering a range of intelligent features that enrich your note-taking experience. Here's why Zoho Notebook, with its AI capabilities, should be your choice for optimized note management:

Key benefits:

(a) Intelligent assistance with Zia: Zia, the integrated AI assistant, can generate summaries of your sessions or meetings, help with note writing, and even offer chat suggestions for technical interactions. This assistance simplifies the management of your daily tasks and communications.

(b) Automatic creation and personalization: Zia helps you personalize your notes by automatically generating images for notebook covers, or proposing templates for your monthly expenses or projects. These features encourage more creative and structured personal organization.

(c) Improved writing: Whether you're writing a long article or a quick note, Zia can improve your text by summarizing content, expanding it, correcting grammatical errors, and adjusting tone to better suit your needs.

(d) Extensive integrations: Zoho Notebook integrates well with other Zoho applications, enabling synergy between notes and other functions such as CRM or finance management, making cross-application working smooth and effortless.

(e) Security and privacy: Zoho takes data security and privacy seriously, with AI integration that respects data protection standards without compromising user privacy.

Tips for using AI-based note-taking tools to boost productivity

AI-based note-taking tools have many useful features, but to make full use of them, certain good practices are necessary:

(a) Capture everything: Get into the habit of jotting down all relevant details in your notes to make sure nothing important is forgotten.

(b) Organize and file efficiently: Take advantage of organization tools and features to structure your notes and create a logical hierarchy tailored to your needs.

(c) Use collaboration features: If you're working in a group, use the collaboration features of IA note-taking tools to promote effective communication and knowledge sharing.

(d) Create deadlines and reminders: Use the tools' task management and reminder features to stay on schedule and organized. To make sure tasks are completed on time, set reminders for important deadlines.


1. Are AI-based note-taking tools secure?

Yes, most AI-based note-taking tools prioritize the security and confidentiality of user data. They use double encryption, secure connections and data protection measures to ensure the safety of your notes and information.

2. Can AI note-taking tools be used offline?

Some AI note-taking tools offer offline recorders, enabling users to access and create notes without an Internet connection. However, some features may require an Internet connection to function fully.

3. Can I export my notes from IA note-taking tools?

Yes, most AI note-taking tools offer options for exporting your notes in different formats, such as PDF, Word or HTML. This allows you to share or archive your notes outside the tool.

4. Can AI note-taking tools recognize handwriting?

Yes, some AI-based note-taking tools are equipped with handwriting recognition features. They can convert handwritten notes into digital text, making them searchable and editable.

5. Are AI note-taking tools compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, AI note-taking tools generally have mobile apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. This allows you to access and update your notes wherever you are, using your smartphone or tablet.

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