How to make a real-time transcription of your meetings?

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Generating a flawless meeting transcript feels quite satisfying. But what if you could read the script of a conversation as it happens?

You’d be sure to keep track of all topics covered in your conversation and leverage critical voice data. This is the promise of real-time speech transcription tools.

As experts in note-taking we show you how to use these tools and make the most of your business meetings. 

What are the benefits of live transcription?

Real-time transcription may seem unnecessary when you can record and transcribe a meeting afterward. But it saves time and energy, and provides access to valuable insights while interacting with your collaborators or customers. 

With a live transcript, you can: 

  • Improve the accessibility of your meetings and events with closed captions.
  • Increase your efficiency when reporting and taking notes on your conversations.
  • Leverage voice intelligence and deliver more value from your meetings.
  • Coach sales or customer service agents by relying on speech analytics.

Sounds good to you? We'll tell you how to achieve all of that.

How to enable real-time transcription on your online meeting apps?

You definitely want to leverage real-time captions on your usual video call app. Here's how to enable them on common video conferencing tools: 


Go to the application settings and go to the "In Meeting (Advanced)" section. There, you’ll be able to turn on captioning for each of your meetings.

When you have entered a meeting, you can then go to the automatic captioning tab and enable real-time transcription.

Google Meet

On Google Meet, you just need to click the CC captioning tab. It's that simple. Note that this option is only available for meetings on Google Workspace accounts.

Microsoft Team

When you are a meeting leader in Microsoft Teams, you have access to many options in the scroll tab. Among them, you will find the manual and automatic (cc) transcription options.

Real-time transcription: 3 solutions

It might happen that you are looking for a transcription solution outside your video call apps (for your webinars, conferences, on-site discussion, or streaming...). 

In this case, you can check for the following alternatives : 

Use Google Live Transcribe

In 2019, Google launched a well-known phone application to help deaf and hard-of-hearing people in their daily lives: Google Live Transcribe. It provides them with a real-time transcription of every conversation they can have. It's also a simple and accessible tool for anyone who wants to record, annotate and share a real-life discussion.

Rely on a transcription API

There are many real-time transcription APIs on the market that allow you to capture data audio, whether from streaming, phone calls, or online meetings. By connecting these APIs to your business applications, you can record, report or analyze voice data without constraints. You just need to make sure the integration from one application to another work.

Hire a live transcriber

If none of these options work, you can still hire a professional or non-professional transcriber. This can be a meeting attendee, a member of your staff, or even a freelance transcriber. This way you can make your events, conferences, and other important group meetings accessible to everyone. The choice is yours! 

Noota: real-time transcription, reporting and voice intelligence

With Noota add-on in your browser, you can transcribe your meetings in real-time wherever you go. You also benefit from AI-based voice analysis to provide you with recommendations and next-step actions. 

With Noota, you can benefit from : 

  • A real-time transcription and note-taking tool, so you don't lose anything from your conversations.
  • An automatic report and meeting minutes to act on the results of your discussion right away.
  • Real-time sentiment analysis to assess interest level, subjects covered, and whether your meeting is going well.
  • Intelligent recommendations for improving interactions, handling objections, and choosing the right words at the right time.

Want to benefit from real-time voice intelligence? Try Noota for free.

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