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We dream big and work hard to up-level Human-Machine Interaction with Voice.

The vision

About Noota

On average, a salesperson spends more than 40% of their time on customer interactions. However, there are no tools to help them track and manage their real-time customer data. This along with lack of guidance, results in consistent loss of relevant knowledge which negatively affects performance and growth. Knowing how hard it is to analyze and evaluate salespeople’s interactions with customers, we developed Noota.

Releasing the Power of Voice

Voice is the next step in Human Machine Interaction.
We make the future reality !

Innovation-Driven Culture

Disruptive Innovation is what drives and inspires all members of our team.

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge & experience are useless if there are not shared.


Noota is a conversation intelligence software, designed specifically for sales professionals to effortlessly keep track of their calls and meetings.Noota makes it easy to collect and manage customer data, identify and encourage best performing practices as well as keep everyone on the same page.

The Founders

Noota is a conversation intelligence software created by two French engineers:
Alexandre and Darius.

They first met at the engineering school, in France, but their paths kept spontaneously intersecting throughout the years, leading up to when they unexpectedly ran into each other in Australia. This was when they decided to start a business together.

Both passionate about disruptive innovation, they decided to found Noota after Alexander’s experience in sales.

Working as a business developer allowed  him to realize how hard it was for sales people to keep track of their client interactions and how there was no tool making the processes easier.Noota is designed to allow sales professionals to automate time consuming tasks and optimize processes related to management of their calls and meetings for better performance and greater clarity.

The Team

A team of 15 multicultural passionate people, based at Station F, the world’s biggest start-up campus located in Paris, France.

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